Please Welcome Our Newly Appointed ED Physicians
(thank you to the HFAH ED residency team for Joe and Josh's photos!)

(From left/top for mobile) Joe Churukian, DO and Joshua Liroff, DO join us from HFAH Emergency Residency Program; Benjamin Krater, DO joins us from McLaren Macomb Emergency Residency program; and Christine Mlynarek, MD joins us from St. Johns Providence Emergency Residency program.  We are glad you chose IEP!



  • Jennifer Belden, IHP Jackson Program Manager

  • Carroll-Anne Heins, IHP Jackson Physician

  • Farshid Bozorgnia, IHP Jackson Physician

  • Zeeshan Arshad, IHP Jackson Physician



  • Mousa Shukr, IHP Providence Physician

  • Emily Fitzgerald, IHP Providence APP

  • Hoda Awada, IHP Providence APP

  • Hind Cholagh, IHP Providence Administration

  • Victoria Carter, IHP Providence APP

  • Brita Pietila, IHP Providence APP

  • Emil Putrus, IHP Providence Physician

  • Pooja Nadkarni, IHP Providence APP

  • Briana Blum, IHP Providence APP

  • Stephanie Barry, IHP Providence APP


  • Joanne Ballentine, IEP Administration

  • Ryan Holmes, IEP APP

  • Kristin owens, IEP APP

David Zirnstein Promotion
David has been promoted to Director of Scribe Services. David oversees 125 scribes at four hospital sites and as well as several Michigan Institute of Urology clinics.  Great job David!
Dr. Khoury is named MCEP President
Dr. Khoury is the new President of the Michigan College of Emergency Medicine.  Dr. Jacob Manteuffel, past president, passed the gavel to Dr. Khoury at the MCEP Assembly.

45th Michigan Emergency Medicine Assembly

held July 28-August 1 2018

The Michigan College of Emergency Medicine (MCEP).  MCEP recently held their annual Assembly at Mackinaw Island.  MCEP takes an active role in advocating for patients, quality care and physician groups such as IEP. The Assembly included a number of traditional sessions, medical/legal updates with representatives from Michigan's legislative body, the membership's Annual Meeting, and leadership forums covering health care issues. 


IEP physicians continue to hold leadership roles in the organization with the appointment of Rami Khoury as President.  Listen Listen to Dr. Khoury's interview at the MCEP Assembly here.

From left: Bruce and Kathryn Wilkie, Nick and Stephanie Dyc, Kevin Monfette  and Maria Leone, Rami and Eva Khoury, Michael and Mary Fill, Caleb and Emily Davis, and David Hall and Laurie Vance.

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