by Gary Pilchak, DO, FACEP

I am a father of four adult children.  When my children were younger, I recall wondering what each might become. Because I knew each of their personalities, strengths and weaknesses, I even went so far as to direct some of their studies and expose them to careers that might best suit them. Those of you who are so fortunate to be parents yourselves probably have acted and thought similarly. You also must know that our best plans for our children don't often come to fruition.

Our plans are only hopes because our children have their own hopes and they themselves determine their destiny.  A destiny likely very different than what our vision was for them.


I think of the evolution of IEP in the same way.  As a company grows, its purpose grows with it.  The original founders had a purpose, passion, and a vision, but those too may evolve over time. That’s evolution in its purest form.   Organizational evolution isn’t predictable and it doesn’t happen by leadership command.  Within the right environment it can tear down silos and bring teams together; attract and retain the best talent; and embrace change that leads to a stronger, more sustainable version of itself - IEP 2.0.  While our roots may be in emergency medicine, those roots have sprouted into observation medicine, hospital medicine, urgent care, long-term acute care, telehealth, and scribe services.  With the growth of these varied service lines and the addition of their providers, IEP has become a mid-sized multi-specialty company.  We are now more than just an EM company.  We are the sum of all of our products, services and providers.

What we do defines our offerings.  How we do it defines who we are.   IEP 2.0 provides services that span the continuum of acute care for our patients and hospital partners.  Services are still delivered with a commitment to clinical excellence, operational excellence, integrity, and compassion. Our values drive our culture and our culture leads to our business excellence.

The IEP brand is our people and our culture.  It is how we began our business and it is how we continue to operate today.  Our shared purpose, passion and values make us IEP - not the floor we work on, nor the role we play in patient care.  

IEP may have evolved from it’s original purpose, but it’s evolved into something far greater than originally imagined.  

Congratulations to all of you for thriving during evolution - biology class has taught us that's no small feat - and thank you for making us a stronger IEP.  

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