In September of 2017, Drs. Moiz Ali and Imran Tarrar spearheaded a pilot program to improve throughput, patient communication, and collaboration with the care team.  Because of their dedication and commitment to the pilot, multi-disciplinary rounds or MDR have been implemented on all general medical floors with the IHP physicians leading the project. 

Recently, Drs. Ali and Tarrar assisted in the creation of a video that will be used to educate all residents and physicians at Henry Ford Allegiance Health on the MDR process.  As a result of their efforts, every patient at HFAH will benefit from collaborative communication and an enhanced team atmosphere.


IHP Physicians Lead MDR Program
Drs. Moiz Ali and Imran Tarrar film the new video at HFAH on the patient and care team benefits of MDR.

Independent Emergency Physicians

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