Set-up your IEP/IHP email account

1. Go to

  • Type in your email address and your temporary password:  xx8454$Y.  

    • Note: the very first time you login, you will be prompted to change your temporary password. Choose ALLOW and type in a password that only you have access to.

  • If you have a personal gmail account and your browser is defaulting to that account, you may need to click on ADD AN ACCOUNT.

  • Click next and enter your temporary password.


2. SmartPhone and/or Outlook Access 

Use these settings for smartphones or if someone wishes to use a mail program like Microsoft Outlook. 


3. Support Line 

Use for questions on using your email, drive, calendars etc.  

  • 419-292-2200 – follow prompt for tech support or email at

  • For security, password resets are handled through Elodie Chidiac at IEP.

4. G Suite Self-Help Articles 

Google offers an excellent self-help support system for their apps. 

Independent Emergency Physicians

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